Adjudicate Today announces the 2014 training courses which are necessary pre-requisites for appointment to the Adjudicate Today Panel of Adjudicators in New South Wales and Queensland.

Over 3 intensive days, candidates will be trained in the application of the NSW Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 1999 (SOPA).  Candidates may elect to undertake additional training via the optional one-day cross-over training under the Queensland Act.

The course is designed for the following: Training

  1. Professionals working in the building and construction industry and others who are interested in being registered as an adjudicator under the NSW and/or Queensland Acts.

  2. Accredited adjudicators who are seeking selection to join one or more of the Adjudicate Today panel of adjudicators.

  3. Professionals working in the building and construction industry and others who may wish to advise clients or their employer in adjudication.

Dates, Venue and Cost

Dates:             NSW:              9:00 – 5:00,   Mon 31 March to Wed 2 April 2014
                        Queensland:   9:00 – 5:00,  Thurs 3 April 2014
Venue:            Training with be at the Royal Automobile Club of Australia, 89 Macquarie Street, Sydney.


$3,850* for the three day NSW basic training course (compulsory)
$770* for the additional Queensland cross-over training course (optional)
*All prices are GST inclusive and include course textbook, course materials, catering and ‘Certificate in/of Adjudication’, (issued by Adjudicate Today upon successful completion of the courses undertaken)


Course Director:


Michael C Brand

Max Tonkin

Adrian Ashman


Scott Pettersson

Senior Adjudicator and Director of the Adjudication Research + Reporting Unit, University of New South Wales

Chief Adjudicator and Trainer

Emeritus Professor of Education, in the University of Queensland and Member of the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal, Senior Adjudicator

Senior Adjudicator and author of the Adjudicate Today Annotated Act for NSW and Qld

Candidates must provide their current CV and a copy of any relevant educational qualifications within 2 business days of submitting the Registration Form to be considered for entry into the course. If your CV has been previously submitted, it should be resubmitted. The CV should provide emphasis on experience in or related to the building and construction industry. As the course is limited to 24 candidates, there may be insufficient space for all applicants.  Please follow the instructions on the ‘Registration Form’ to register for this course.

In considering whether to admit an applicant, the following will be considered: (a) the applicant’s tertiary qualification(s); (b) the duration and type of work experience the applicant has obtained; and (c) the relevance of the applicant’s qualifications and work experience to the Adjudicator Training Course.

Candidates must be familiar with the construction industry and construction contracts. Candidates must understand the terms generally used in the industry, be computer literate and have access to the internet. These prerequisites are strictly enforced.

Important Points to Consider

  • All applicants for appointment to the Adjudicate Today adjudicator panels must have successfully completed the three-day basic training course for NSW.

  • Current adjudicators sitting on the panels of other ANAs who have not passed Adjudicate Today’s three-day basic training course will not be considered for appointment to the Adjudicate Today panels.

  • The requirements for the course are demanding. Not all course participants will pass.

  • Passing a course does not guarantee appointment to the Adjudicate Today Panel of Adjudicators. Appointment to the Panel is determined by the Managing Director of Adjudicate Today who considers a number of factors, including a candidate’s course results and the report of the mentoring adjudicators.

  • The number of places in the three day basic training course and optional Queensland cross-over course will be limited to 24 candidates per course.

  • Entry into the course is competitive. Unsuccessful applicants will be reimbursed their course fees. 
  • There are no refunds for candidates who fail any component of the course - there are no exceptions.

These courses fill quickly and the opportunity for making application will close without further notice. No other adjudicator training courses are being planned for 2014 or 2015.

Full course details and the registration form may be downloaded by clicking below.

Click Download full course details and registration form

Further enquiries

Michael Brand, Course Director
Mobile: 0414 627 501          

Preparer Training conducted by Adjudicate Today:

This training course is designed for:

  • Professionals working in the building and construction industry, lawyers and others who wish to earn an income preparing adjudication applications and/or adjudication responses for their clients.

  • Contractors, sub-contractors and employees engaged in preparing payment claims, payment schedules, adjudication applications and adjudication responses and wish to enhance their skills.

  • Lawyers, engineers, architects, quantity surveyors and other professionals who are interested in being accredited as adjudicators, wish to undertake preliminary study and also discuss opportunities for further training to join an Adjudicate Today panel. Graduates of this course who undertake the full adjudicator’s accreditation course will receive a 10% discount on that course.

It is not proposed to conduct this course in 2014.

Further enquiries

Bob Gaussen, Managing Director
Telephone: 1300760297.

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