Upload Your Files to Adjudicate Today

Welcome to Adjudicate Today's file upload facility.

From this page, Adjudicate Today accepts electronic delivery of individual file sizes up to 2,000 MB via our secure, digital LOCKBOX. There is no limit to the number of individual files you can upload. Only you and Adjudicate Today authorised staff can access your Lockbox.

All uploaded files are acknowledged by an automated email within a couple of minutes. If you don't receive an email, please contact us urgently.

We suggest you use this facility as a safer alternative to email when the total of all files you wish to send exceed 5 MB. This is because email travels via many servers on its journey to the recipient and some servers (often university servers) will not pass on emails larger than 5MB. Also while delivery receipts are part of the email standard, many ISPs block these to negate spam, rendering them useless. Email can be delayed without either sender or receiver being made aware of the delay. This means an email submitted minutes before a deadline may not actually arrive until after the deadline has passed, rendering the email not submitted under the Act.

Adjudicate Today must receive identical hard copy of all electronic files within two business days of the electronic delivery. Please read our disclaimer for details on rights and obligations for the delivery of electronic files.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our new Lockbox does not currently support the upload of folders unless you zip the files/folders prior to uploading. It is also good practice to zip your uploads to ensure no files/folders are missing as has happened previously. The zip process will preserve your folder and file structure. There are a number of free and commercial products for zipping files, including WinZip which may be downloaded by clicking here.  A free open source file compressor is 7-Zip which may be downloaded by clicking here.

Existing Lockbox Owners

Click: Existing Owners, please click here to login.

Click: Detailed instructions on operating your Lockbox*.

First time users

First time users must establish a user account and password. This process is completed totally online. There is no charge for creating a Lockbox. You will need to nominate a user name and password.

Click: New Subscribers, please click here to create your Lockbox.

Click: Detailed instructions on creating your Lockbox*.

*These detailed usage instructions are PDF files so you will need Adobe Reader (free) or similar to read the files. Adobe Reader may be downloaded by clicking here

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