The Murray Review

Adjudicate Today Submission

Through 2017, many industry participants were extensively involved in preparing submissions to and consulting with the the Murray Review to the Commonwealth Government on Security of Payment laws.

The 76 page Adjudicate Today submission, dated May 2017, to Mr Murray can be Downloaded here.

The Murray Review

Mr Murray reported in December 2017. The 86 recommendations provide a road map for the future including harmonisation of the State and Territory Acts, statutory trusts and the adjudication of disputes arising from monies retained in the trust, residential adjudication, removal of reference dates, the role of ANAs and the appointment process of adjudicators, amongst much more. The Murray report may be downloaded here.

Adjudicate Today's Response

Adjudicate Today supports the 86 recommendations made in the Murray Review for the reasons provided by Mr Murray. The Review is well written and views persuasive. The Review is a consolidated and balanced package which should prevail against sectional interests. The Adjudicate Today response to the Murray Review, dated July 2017, may be downloaded here.

Further Comment, posted 25 October 2019

With the passage of almost two years, the Commonwealth response to the Murray Review is keenly awaited. However States have not been inactive.

In NSW, important amendments commenced on and from 21 October 2019. They address the three major problems in that State which were identified in the Adjudicate Today submission to Mr. Murray (refer pages 12 - 15 inclusive).

Western Australia has announced that it will be adopting the majority of the Murray Review recommendations by implementing the East Coast model of adjudication.

Positive announcements from other States, particularly South Australia and Victoria, are expected shortly.

Unfortunately Queensland remains in its own universe where adjudication is rapidly sliding into oblivion.