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We help industry participants understand and use security of payment legislation.

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If building and construction work was performed in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania or Australian Capital Territory, we help industry participants understand and use security of payment legislation. Those governments have also appointed Adjudicate Today to train and nominate adjudicators to determine payment disputes. In Queensland*, Adjudicate Today is an agent for adjudicators.

All States and Territories in Australia have security of payment Acts. These Acts were developed to counter the practice of some principals and contractors in delaying payments, or unduly reducing the value of payments, while otherwise using cash that is owed to their subcontractors and suppliers.

The Acts provide a mechanism for industry participants to be quickly paid money that is owed. These rights are outlined in our General Summary "About Security of Payment and Adjudication".

Our responsibility is to help all parties comply with the procedures and time frames of the relevant Act and work through the adjudication process. Our services are provided quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

We do not charge an adjudication application fee or an administration fee. We offer low fixed fees for small value disputes. Click here for detailed fee information.

With support from industry participants, we are Australia's largest authorised nominating authority (ANA) with more matters referred to us than received by all other ANAs combined.

This website provides the necessary tools to understand and apply the process of adjudication to your business.

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If you have problems, our courteous and professional staff provide free, no obligation help on using the Acts in your individual circumstances. Ring 1300760297 or email help@adjudicate.com.au.

*Information on this website is generally not applicable in Queensland where the former government introduced in 2014 many unfortunate amendments which impact the adjudication process.


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Annotated Building & Construction Industry Payments Act (NSW & Qld). This monthly subscription service by Adjudicate Today provides the applicable law and links to cases for each Section of the Act.

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Latest Updates:

21 October 2019: Amendments to the NSW Act commence. Changes include a requirement that payment claims must be made under the Act; the requirement for a reference date has been removed; and the due date of payment by headcontractors to subcontrators is reduced from 30 businesss days to 20 business days.

Adjudicate Today has compiled the new Act showing both the new and deleted provisions. As the amendments only apply to contracts made from 21 October 2019, the transition period will involve being familiar with both the old and new Act provisions. The compiled Act is an invaluable resource for industry parties and adjudicators and may be downloaded by clicking here.

The compiled Regulation may be downloaded by clicking here.

This website will be updated from 21 October 2019.

1 January 2019: New enhanced, interactive, mobile-friendly web-site launched by Adjudicate Today.

21 November 2018: NSW Government passes important amendments, mainly consistent with the Murray Review recommendations.

21 May 2018: Murray Review released. The 86 recommendations provide a road map for the future including harmonisation of the State and Territory Acts, statutory trusts and the adjudication of disputes arising from monies retained in the trust, residential adjudication, removal of reference dates, the role of ANAs and the appointment process of adjudicators, amongst much more. The Murray Review can be downloaded by clicking here.

15 May 2017: The need for simplified federal security of payment legislation to replace the many different and confusing State Acts is long overdue. The Murray Review is to consider and make recommendations to overcome these problems. The Adjudicate Today submission to the Murray Review can be downloaded by clicking here.