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A subscription to the Annotated Building and Construction Industry Payment Act is an invaluable resource for any person preparing or responding to high value and/or complex adjudication matters. All Adjudicate Today adjudicators are encouraged to contribute their views to improving and expanding the service and utilising it in preparing their determinations.

There are separate services for NSW and Queensland with a 33% discount for subscribing to both. The services connect to on-line databases so the full text of court decisions is instantly available.

Can you name the cases that answer these questions?

  • lawyers ability to receive service of documents;
  • validity of a payment claim which is served by fax but comes over several faxes;
  • which errors by an adjudicator will render the decision void;
  • whether the fact that a claimant is pursuing a civil court remedy at the same time as an action under the Act precludes the application proceeding.

If not, consider subscribing to the service and save yourself days of research time.

The services set out each provision of the applicable Act and provide a commentary on the case law which is applicable. Additionally there is a section for decisions which don't fit neatly under any particular provision as well as an index of all cases. Every word of the service, including case names and references, are instantly searchable allowing instant recall of the information and/or cases sought.

The service is designed to be run on an internet connected computer so all cases may be directly accessed from on-line databases. No more endless searching for that decision which you know covers the issue!

Each month the services are revised to include the latest court decisions and a brief explanation of the effect of those decisions. The service is distributed by email to subscribers in easy to use PDF format.

Cost for subscriptions

Cost for an annual subscription for either NSW or Queensland is $660.00 (including GST).

The annual cost of subscribing to both services is $990.00 (including GST) representing a 33% discount.

A subscription can be activated by completing and emailing our on-line form.

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If you require the service immediately, ring our staff on 1300 760 297, pay by credit card, provide your email address and the latest updated copy of the annotated Acts can be available within minutes.

The author of the annotated service is Scott Pettersson. Scott is a lawyer, senior adjudicator and mentor of less experienced adjudicators with Adjudicate Today. Prior to joining us, Scott was Publishing Director of the Law Book Co and CEO of LEADR. In this later capacity, he reviewed all adjudication determinations to ensure typographical, grammatical and the occasional legal frolic could be identified and reconsidered by the adjudicator.

As an adjudicator, mentor and trainer, Scott recognises that many determinations can be improved by better reflecting the growing body of judgments and referencing the legal reasoning supporting the decision. He started to collect and annotate the cases as they considered the legislation. Then he recognised that as an adjudicator, submissions often contained references to cases and sometimes extracts from those cases. However, it was sometimes relevant to not only read the extract, but the entire judgment. This could be awkward when the reference was, for example, to a NSWLR or similar authorised report series. For that reason he commenced placing hyper-links in the legislation to the relevant cases. Finally, Scott found some adjudicators were unfamiliar with concepts such as what were the requirements for liquidated damages to be properly assessed and claimed. For this reason he added a general reference section at the end of the annotated Acts dealing with some legal concepts and relevant cases considering the principles.

Click: Subscription to annotated service of the Act
*Note: This form is interactive. This means it can be EITHER filled out on screen and printed OR downloaded and printed for manual completion.


The annotations to the Act are not and should not be construed as representing legal advice. The general guide to legal principles at the end of the legislation is the personal view of the author. As appropriate, the views of other adjudicators have been considered in preparing this service but final responsibility remains with the author. While the service is intended to be of assistance, if you have any doubt or require professional assistance, this service is not a substitute for independent and expert legal advice.

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