Use of our Materials

Adjudicate Today has spent many years developing the materials on this website. Most materials have been through at least 9 revisions and draw on the experience of managing thousands of adjudication applications. We claim copyright on all materials on this website, other than downloads of Acts and Regulations and like.

Adjudicate Today grants a limited licence to any industry participant to download and use our flowcharts, forms and site pages as they see fit provided that the pages are not modified in any way. In particular the Adjudicate Today branding, contact details and copyright notices must be retained. Our policy is to pursue those who breach this limited licence.

From time to time, we receive requests to republish our flowcharts on other websites and/or to use as part of training programs. In this case, parties may request to include their logo with our flowcharts. Generally Adjudicate Today will agree to such requests provided that our branding, contact details and copyright notices are retained.

Consent to co-branding does not provide any endorsement from Adjudicate Today. We provide our consent on an "as is" basis because we believe it is in the interest of parties to have available accurate and timely materials.

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