News & Updates

1 September 2022: NSW website for contracts made after 21 October 2019 rewritten to integrate with and simplify use of online wizards available through a party's Lockbox.

30 August 2022: 2 years in development, the new enhanced digital Lockbox now provides simple online wizards to assist parties make payment claims, provide responses (payment schedules), issue 2nd opportunity notices, and make and respond to adjudication applications entirely online. The processes of the security of payment acts are simplified! To access Click Here.

1 August 2022: Adjudicate Today is proclaimed an Authorised Nominating Authority (ANA) under the new Western Australia Security of Payment Act. This Act is influenced by the NSW Act and applies to contracts made from 1 August 2022. Our new website detailing the new Act with flowcharts, wizards and resources is now available. To access Click Here.

13 September 2021: A year in development, the new enhanced digital Lockbox released allowing parties to make and respond to adjudication applications entirely online. The adjudication process is simplified! To access Click Here

8 June 2020: New rewritten, enhanced and simplified websites for Victoria and ACT now live.

20 April 2020: Adjudicate Today commenced providing services in Western Australia following government proclamation as a Prescribed Appointer under the Construction Contracts Act 2004. New WA website launched.

21 October 2019: Amendments to the NSW Act commence. Changes include a requirement that payment claims must be made under the Act; the requirement for a reference date has been removed; and the due date of payment by head contractors to subcontractors is reduced from 30 business days to 20 business days.

Adjudicate Today has compiled the new Act showing both the new and deleted provisions. As the amendments only apply to contracts made from 21 October 2019, the transition period will involve being familiar with both the old and new Act provisions. The compiled Act is an invaluable resource for industry parties and adjudicators. Download by clicking here.

24 August 2019: A new SA website launched with simplified flowchart. Major updates to NSW website . All changes designed for easier reading, navigation and to receive relevant information quickly.

1 January 2019: New enhanced, interactive, mobile-friendly web-site launched by Adjudicate Today.

21 November 2018: NSW Government passes important amendments, mainly consistent with the Murray Review recommendations.

21 May 2018: Murray Review released. The 86 recommendations provide a road map for the future including harmonisation of the State and Territory Acts, statutory trusts and the adjudication of disputes arising from monies retained in the trust, residential adjudication, removal of reference dates, the role of ANAs and the appointment process of adjudicators, amongst much more. The Murray Review can be downloaded by clicking here.

15 May 2017: The need for simplified federal security of payment legislation to replace the many different and confusing State Acts is long overdue. The Murray Review is to consider and make recommendations to overcome these problems. The Adjudicate Today submission to the Murray Review can be downloaded by clicking here.

10 February 2015: New range of low fees for small disputes.

15 December 2014: Qld amendments proclaimed.

February 2013: Victorian website rewritten; safer email introduced.

July 2012: New easier to read website launched for mobile phones and mini-tablets.

May 2012: NSW & S.A. web information updated, enhanced and simplified; Queensland, Tasmania & A.C.T. rewritten.

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