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Welcome to NSW: How to Start menu.

Our menus are structured to make navigating the adjudication process as simple as possible.

You are in the section of our website dedicated to assisting resolve payment disputes for work performed in NSW. If the work was not performed in NSW, click on the applicable State or Territory from the menu on the left of the page or at the bottom of this page under the heading "Other States".

To navigate this NSW based website, use the menu on the left hand side of the page "Start; Schedule Served; Schedule Not Served; Adjudication Process; Application Forms; and Resources;". We recommend you start by clicking on 'Flowchart: Overview of the Process' (also below) as it provides necessary information which is crucial for making or responding to an adjudication application.

Security of Payment legislation is easy to use by design but many court decision have added a layer of complexity. By following our menus and flowcharts carefully, we can help you get the process right.

Remember that our friendly and professional staff are available to help you in complying with the procedures of the Act. We do not charge any additional fee for this assistance.

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