WA: Applicant Applies for Certified Determination


To enforce the adjudication determination, the applicant must apply to the Building Commission for a certified copy of the adjudication determination.

This allows an applicant to formally advise the court that an adjudication determination has been made, the relevant date for payment and the amount due to be paid under the determination.

The "relevant date" for payment of the adjudicated amount is the date determined for payment by the adjudicator.

The amount due for payment is:

  • the amount determined by the adjudicator;
  • the respondent's share, if any, of adjudication fees paid by the applicant; and
  • interest, if any, on the unpaid progress payment from the due date of payment.

A certified copy of the determination is available from Building and Energy (the Building Commission). This can be obtained by emailing Building and Energy at cca@dmirs.wa.gov.au. Your email should provide the parties names, the Adjudicate Today reference number, the name of the adjudicator who issued the determination and an electronic copy of the determination (if you don't have one, Adjudicate Today will email it to you).

Please move to the next step on the WA flowchart being "Court Registrar enters Judgement of Adjudication Determination. Enforcement of Court Decision. Payment Process under the Act complete

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